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Single Cell PathologyTM

We are in the process of making Single Cell PathologyTM devices available to diagnostic laboratories and researchers.

hMXTM magnetic cell separation devices will be available for research use in September 2017. For diagnostic use we expect availability in Q4 2017 (Thailand) and Q2 2018 (USA, EU, Singapore), respectively.

CryoimmunostainingTM devices will be available for research use in June 2017 and for diagnostic use in Q4 2017
(USA, EU, Singapore, Thailand).

We are happy to advise how to set up semi-automated, multiplexed microscopy to use with our devices.

Please contact us for inquiries, or visit us:

April 1-5, 2017: AACR, Washington DC, USA

April 6-8, 2017: Annual meeting of the Thai Urology Association, Pattaya, Thailand

May 12-17, 2017: AAI, Washington DC, USA

June 28-30, 2017: Global Congress on Prostate Cancer, Lisbon, Portugal


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