Bangkok hospitals embrace ground-breaking new liquid biopsy

Bangkok, October 2018 – Prostate cancer patients in Bangkok now have more access to state-of-the-art cancer detection technology than ever before.

After debuting at Bangkok’s Chularat 9 Hospital at the end of 2017, X-ZELL Prostate™ – the first liquid biopsy based on X-ZELL’s world-unique cancer cell detection technology – is now also available at Bangkok Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital, Samitivej Hospital as well as Theptarin Hospital and BDSM Wellness Clinic.

Designed to determine the presence or absence of clinically significant, aggressive prostate cancer in patients with elevated PSA levels or an abnormal digital rectal examination (DRE), X-ZELL Prostate™ has been “urgently needed” to improve early-stage patient care, according to X-ZELL CEO, Dr Sebastian Bhakdi.

Diagnosing clinically significant prostate cancer at an early stage is one of the most pressing challenges in men’s health right now,” he explained, noting that traditional screening methods like PSA testing often lead to inconclusive results and leave doctors no choice but to proceed to more invasive procedures like prostate biopsies, which can have considerable side effects.

“It’s easy to see that there must be a better way to determine a patient’s diagnosis than exposing them to the risk of becoming incontinent or impotent,” he elaborated.

“With X-ZELL Prostate™, we have a designed an extremely accurate tool to fill the gap and help doctors decide whether or not patients with equivocal PSA readings will have to undergo a biopsy. We’re very proud to now being able to offer it to even more patients across Bangkok.”

According to Dr Bhakdi, all that is needed to perform an X-ZELL Prostate™ test is a small blood sample.

“Using just a small, 10ml blood sample, X-ZELL is not only able determine whether or not traces of clinically significant cancer have been located in the blood sample, but also provide your physician with detailed advice on how to proceed – allowing them to make an informed decision which diagnostic steps to take next, if any.”

Dr Bhakdi said patients may ask their physician about taking a X-ZELL Prostate™ test or contact X-ZELL directly for a referral to the nearest partnering clinic. Simply write an email to or call +66 (0) 98-649-9435.

To learn more about the ground-breaking technology behind X-ZELL Prostate™ and why it is so important to close the gaps in the prostate screening process, click here.


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About X-ZELL Prostate™
X-ZELL Prostate™ is a liquid biopsy test using tumor-derived circulating cells, including tumor-derived Circulating Endothelial Cells (CEC), as biomarkers to indicate the presence/ absence of clinically significant prostate cancer in small, 8-10mL blood samples. Click here to find out more.

About Prostate Biopsies
A biopsy of the prostate gland is usually required when there is a suspicion of prostate cancer, often following a PSA test or a digital rectal examination (DRE). It involves taking multiple small samples of prostate tissue using a biopsy needle, which are then assessed microscopically by a pathologist. The prostate biopsy has traditionally been performed via the rectum (transrectal ultrasound-guided – TRUS – biopsy), because the prostate sits directly in front of the rectal wall and is therefore easily accessible via this route. Whilst TRUS biopsy remains one of the standard approaches for an initial prostate biopsy, it has potential drawbacks – not least the fact that 75 per cent of all procedures are negative, meaning they could have been avoided with more accurate screening. The traditional biopsy also has a small but significant risk of serious infection, as well as incontinence and impotence.



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