X-ZELL technology suite upgrade underway

Bart Van der Voort, Head of Engineering & QA at X-ZELL Inc.

Singapore, October 2018 – Cancer detection specialist, X-ZELL Inc., has announced a new version of the company’s world-unique Cryoimmunostaining™ suite.

Whilst keeping details close to his chest, X-ZELL’s Head of Engineering & QA, Bart Van der Voort, revealed that work on the next generation of the product suite – which enabled X-ZELL to complete a headline-making study in early prostate cancer detection during the first of 2018 – is well underway and may be revealed as early as Q1’19.

Comprising two high-tech devices labelled Cryofixation Station™ as well as Cryoimmunostainer™, X-ZELL’s Cryoimmunostaining™ suite allows researchers to apply up to nine biomarkers at a time to cells fixated on standard laboratory slides – making it one of the most powerful rare cell analysis tools in the world.

In a move to fast track the suite’s progression from prototype to commercial product, X-ZELL has reportedly collaborated with a prominent Singapore-based product design specialist.

According to Van der Voort, the two companies will jointly work on the next iteration of the design, taking into account insights won as part of X-ZELL’s recently launched global alpha device trial as well as a technical validation project that is about to commence in Singapore at the end of 2018.


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