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Bangkok, December 2017 – X-ZELL, a global biotech firm specialising in rare cell detection technology, is launching a revolutionary new prostate cancer test in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The test – aptly named X-ZELL Prostate™ – will be available from 5 December 2017 via Chularat 9 Hospital in Bangkok, conveniently located near Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

According to X-ZELL CEO, Dr Sebastian Chakrit Punyaratabandhu Bhakdi, the launch on Thai Father’s Day not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to protecting men’s health, but also marks a historic milestone for the start-up, with Thailand becoming the first country worldwide to have access to the game changing test.

X-ZELL Prostate™ makes use of the company’s patented Cryoimmunostaining™ technology to isolate and visualise cancer-derived Circulating Endothelial Cells (CEC) in a small, 10ml blood sample.

Until now, CEC were considered impossible to detect in human blood, where their similarities with healthy blood cells make them virtually invisible.

X-ZELL is the first company in the world capable of reliably detecting them, making the Thailand launch of X-ZELL Prostate™ a genuine world-first, according to Dr Bhakdi.

“Our new technology will dramatically improve the diagnostic decision-making process in our fight against prostate cancer,” he explained. “Especially if traditional tests have been inconclusive. X-ZELL Prostate™ can see the disease even where other tests fail to detect it, providing physicians with more reliable tools to assess prostate health.”

According to Dr Bhakdi, recent landmark studies from the US and Singapore1,2 prove that CEC are the ideal markers to detect cancer in human blood. By isolating and interpreting them from a tiny blood sample, X-ZELL Prostate™ will give Thai physicians new insights into the patient’s status and help them choose the best course of action for the individual.

“X-ZELL Prostate™ will provide additional peace of mind for patients that are still suspected to have prostate cancer following a negative tissue biopsy,” he commented. “In these cases, the presence of CEC can help you to decide about the urgency of a follow-up or the necessity of additional imaging.”

Dr Bhakdi added that the tool would also be suitable for patients who decline a prostate biopsy in the first place, as it can reduce the risk of a false-positive or false-negative result. “X-ZELL Prostate™ is also suitable for patients with an unclear MRI outcome. Here, too, the presence of CEC can help physicians decide about the urgency of a follow-up.”

X-ZELL has been able to validate X-ZELL Prostate™ through various clinical studies with Mahidol University in Bangkok – making it an important weapon in Thailand’s fight against prostate cancer.

Patients in the Bangkok region are now able to take the world-first test at Chularat 9 Hospital, conveniently located near Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Release dates are forthcoming for additional clinics and health service providers across Thailand.

To learn more about X-ZELL Prostate™, call 098-649-9435, email prostate@x-zell.com, or use our Line ID xzellinc.

To make an appointment, contact Jirached Suksuperm M.D., Director of the Cancer Centre at Chularat 9 Hospital, on 08-303-24224 or email jirached@hotmail.com.


1Cima I, Kong SL, Sengupta D, et al. Tumor-derived circulating endothelial cell clusters in colorectal cancer. Sci. Transl. Med. 2016;8(345):345ra89.
2Lin PP, Gires O, Wang DD, Li L, Wang H. Comprehensive in situ co-detection of aneuploid circulating endothelial and tumor cells. Sci. Rep. 2017;7(1):9789.


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