Why use the test?

Avoid unnecessary prostate biopsies

Proven benefits of the test

Currently, your physician will recommend a prostate biopsy if he suspects prostate cancer. Biopsies are painful and prone to complications because they involve taking 12 tissue samples from different areas of your prostate using a biopsy needle. Over 50% of patients receiving a biopsy turn out not to have cancer, which means you received a biopsy even though you are healthy. What’s worse is that in another 25% of patients the biopsy actually fails to detect the cancer, in other words, the biopsy’s false-negative.

In many cases, your physician will have to recommend you to repeat the biopsy. Our test detects the presence or absence of prostate cancer derived cells in your blood and can help you to avoid an unnecessary biopsy in case you are healthy and protect you from false negative biopsy results in case you have cancer. The test also removes the need for repeated biopsies and the associated cost and risks (bleeding, infection)7.

Indications for use

Patients in Thailand and ASEAN with PSA >4ng and/or clinically suspected prostate cancer can ask their physician to contact us now. Testing will be available in our laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand, from July 2017.

If test results are positive

MRI scan of the prostate is recommended to avoid a false negative prostate biopsy. MRI scan should be taken at facilities offering fusion biopsies or MRI guided biopsies.

If results are negative

In case your physician strongly suspects prostate cancer he should proceed according to current guidelines. Most likely he will go ahead with a prostate biopsy. You might want to opt for an MRI scan to confirm or exclude the presence of cancer, and to avoid a false negative biopsy.

If your physician recommends watchful waiting you may request to repeat our blood test alongside with follow-up measures recommended by your physician. Our test will monitor the appearance of cancer cells in your blood without pain.


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