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X-ZELL ProstateTM

Our cancer-specific rare-cell tests provide physicians with improved clinical insights into prostate cancer patients with unclear diagnostic findings. Our first test, X-ZELL Prostate™, is now officially avaialble in Thailand.

More than 50% of patients who receive a painful tissue biopsy turn out not to have cancer, and in up to 25% of cases, biopsies fail to detect cancer although it is there (false negatives). As such, X-ZELL Prostate™ can help avoid unnecessary biopsies and, even more importantly, correct decisions based on false negative biopsies.

Indications include, but are not limited to:

  • Patients with negative biopsy but persistent clinical suspicion of prostate cancer
    Presence of CEC can help to decide about urgency of follow-up or the necessity of additional imaging
  • Patients with unclear MRI outcome
    Presence of CEC can help to decide about urgency of follow-up
  • Patients who decline prostate biopsy
    Obtain additional evidence to convince patients about the need for prostate biopsy

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X-ZELL’s rare-cell detection and characterization processes can be applied to a broad range of clinical research questions – from minimal residual disease monitoring in solid tissue tumours as well as hematologic malignancy, companion diagnostics to diagnostic decision-making in a wide range of malignancies. X-ZELL is able to process heparinized blood samples and report results in as little as four business days, covering the complete process of rare-cell isolation, cryofixation and Cryoimmunostaining™ as well as HD image acquisition and image analysis.

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Stop optimizing, start discovering: Achieve unprecedented multiplexing of immunostaining on standard laboratory slides using commercially available fluorophore-conjugated antibodies. Understand your cells at the single cell level without effort.

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Additional cancer-specific rare-cell tests are set to roll out in 2018, starting with X-ZELL Breast™.


x-zell devices

Cryoimmunostaining™ platform

Immunostaining of cells on laboratory slides is the backbone of pathology. Single cell detection and analysis, however, have long been hampered by a severe lack of multiplexing capability. Our Cryoimmunostaining™ platform – comprising the X-ZELL Fixation Station™ and the X-ZELL Cryoimmunostainer™ – offers the disruptive technology to change that.

  • 10-channel multiplexing
  • Staining with commercially available fluorophore-conjugated antibodies
  • No spectral unmixing required
  • Rapid 3h workflow
  • CE-IVD & USFDA medical device certification

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