X-ZELL launches new biotech blog

Singapore, May 2018 – X-ZELL, one of Asia’s first Silicon Valley-backed biotech start-ups, has used today’s HealthInvestor Asia Summit in Singapore as a launch pad for a new biotech industry blog.

According to X-ZELL CEO, Dr Sebastian Bhakdi, the blog will allow the company’s extended network of industry experts to reflect and comment on industry trends, and put the company’s pioneering cancer detection work into a broader context.

“When you break new ground in a field as complex and controversial as early cancer detection, education and context are key,” he commented.

“At X-ZELL, we are taking our role as an industry leader very seriously, so we want to contribute to making our ideas accessible to the broadest possible audience – both in the medical and public space.”

Dr Bhakdi explained the monthly blog will feature both text and video elements in the future, adding he would like to see it fuel an “open-minded, objective discussion” about early cancer detection and liquid biopsies.

“X-ZELL is making rapid advances in the field, so it made sense to create an outlet to expand on our ideas and share our vision with the world.

“The overwhelming feedback we received at today’s HealthInvestor Asia Summit is proof that there is a strong appetite for information that goes beyond what you can find in a pitch deck or a media release.”

The blog is live now and can be reached via www.x-zell.com/blog

Sebastian Grote

Head of Marketing & Communications
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