X-ZELL to join forces with VentureBlick

Singapore, July 2023X-ZELL, a pioneering company in the field of next-generation cytology, has entered into a partnership with VentureBlick, a Singapore-based ‘super-incubator’ and investment platform connecting medical technology start-ups with investors around the globe.

X-ZELL is one of only three start-ups selected for the second VentureBlick batch in 2023, which was unveiled during an invite-only unboxing ceremony in Singapore yesterday.

“I am very proud to be here today and present a new batch of exciting ventures to you,” VentureBlick Founder Chris Lee told the more than 100 physicians, healthcare industry experts and investors in attendance. “We believe the ideas you will learn about today have the potential to change the world.”

According to Lee, “X-Zell’s work is essential, ground-breaking [and] will solve a crucial pain point in cancer screening,” adding the technology may be hard to grasp, but essential for improving patient care worldwide.

“We are truly honoured to be part of the VentureBlick family and have the opportunity to share our story with you,” commented X-ZELL Founder & CEO, Dr Sebastian Bhakdi, who took the stage last night to present his vision of same-day cancer diagnostics from minimally invasive sample material.

“There’s a real opportunity right now to take cancer diagnostics to the next level,” he explained. “Liquid sample material may be less invasive to obtain than tissue, but it’s more complex to process, so it’s been overlooked for decades.

“By providing laboratories with the right toolset to process these samples with confidence and assess them digitally, we can reduce the time to diagnosis by more than 90 per cent and save valuable resources along the way.

“The result are ultra-fast, more accurate diagnoses from less invasive sample material – a win, win, win situation for patients, physicians and healthcare providers alike.”

To learn more about X-ZELL and how to invest in the current fundraising round, visit VentureBlick’s matchmaking platform and become a registered investor here.

To watch X-ZELL’s launch video – produced exclusively for the VentureBlick – visit Vimeo here.

To get in touch and learn more about how X-ZELL will change cancer diagnostics for good, please send us an email.


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Sebastian Grote
Managing Director, X-ZELL


About X-ZELL
X-ZELL is an award-winning medical technology company pioneering the field of next-generation cytology. The company’s mission is to transform cancer diagnostics by fusing novel laboratory technology with digital imaging to detect and visualise individual atypical cells in minimally invasive body liquids and digitize them for instant on-screen analysis. Founded by Y Combinator finalist, Dr Sebastian C.P. Bhakdi, X-ZELL was ranked second-most innovative healthcare start-up in the world in 2020 and has since won the coveted MedTech Innovator APAC competition as well as the Abstract Award at the 2021 European Conference of Cytology.

About VentureBlick
Singapore’s VentureBlick is a new breed of ‘super incubator’ focusing specifically on medical technology. The company’s mission is to develop, test, and market healthcare innovations. It can draw on a unique global advisory network featuring more than 1,300 medical and industry experts from more than 50 countries, covering over 30 specialty areas.


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