Sebastian C.P. Bhakdi


X-ZELL Founder & CEO, Dr Sebastian C.P. Bhakdi, worked in paediatrics and emergency health in Europe, Asia and the US before following his entrepreneurial calling. In 2010, the father-of-three founded Thailand’s first Silicon Valley-backed med-tech company, X-ZELL.


While teaching at Thailand’s prestigious Mahidol University, Dr. Bhakdi develops a powerful new cell separation method for use in tropical disease diagnostics and goes on to found the university’s first-ever spin-off company.


After introducing a new method of detecting and visualising atypical cells in common body liquids, X-ZELL comes out of stealth mode and is invited to join the world’s leading accelerator program, Y Combinator.


X-ZELL enters into a collaboration with Singapore-based Diagnostics Development (DxD) Hub, a national research and development initiative to fast-track the commercialisation of ground-breaking medical technology.


X-ZELL’s new global head office opens in Singapore, specialising in the optimisation and digitization of cytopathological testing. Next to conventional body liquids, the company’s focus is on blood as a new diagnostic data source.


X-ZELL is ranked second-most innovative healthcare start-up in the world in a Galen Growth ranking and wins the coveted MedTech Innovator APAC award as well as the Startup SG Founder grant.


X-ZELL opens its first European office in Germany and wins the Abstract Award at the European Congress of Cytology. A landmark trial focusing on the early detection of clinically significant prostate cancer from blood begins in Singapore.


X-ZELL collaborates with MVZ Frankfurt, a leading cytopathology centre in central Germany, to establish Cryoimmunostaining™ as an alternative to immunohisto-/ cytochemical staining (IHC/ICC).


After extensive testing, MVZ Frankfurt announces the introduction of Cryoimmunostaining™ as a new routine method for the analysis of pleural effusion and ascites fluid.


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