Cytology – or cytopathology – is the art of diagnosing diseases by examining single atypical cells or cell clusters, as often found in fluid specimens.

Cytological testing is integral to modern cancer diagnostics due to its less invasive nature compared with biopsy, high reliability and low cost. [1]

Despite significant advances in medical technology, however, cytological samples still require extensive manual preparation and analysis – slowing down diagnoses and therapeutic decision-making.

At X-ZELL, our mission is to cut out time-consuming preparatory work and digitise sample analytics to take the art of cytology to the next level.

The result? Accurate early cancer detection that is accessible to everyone, anywhere.


X-ZELL is collaborating with Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and the National University Hospital Singapore (NUH) to explore how X-ZELL single-cell diagnostics may aid in the early detection of clinically significant prostate cancer in whole blood.

The prospectively blinded, 400-patient multi-centre study officially commenced in 2020 and will lay the foundation for the launch of a commercially available blood test in the future.

  • \In collaboration with Diagnostics Development Hub Singapore
  • \Pilot study showed more than 70 per cent reduction in unnecessary biopsies [2]
  • \Interim publication expected in 2024
¹ Yadav et al. 2022

² Bhakdi et al. 2019

Note: Cytopathology is only one of several tools to confirm the presence of cancer and should be supported by physical examination and medical imaging, such as ultrasound, CT scan or MRI scan. Unless specifically indicated, all X-ZELL products are designated as general laboratory equipment.

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Note: X-ZELL laboratory instruments have been validated for use in combination with official X-ZELL consumable and reagent kits. Third-party reagents and consumables have not been validated and may affect instrument performance. Unless specifically indicated, all X-ZELL products are designated as general laboratory equipment.

¹ X-ZELL data. More information upon request

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