X-ZELL is partnering with some of Singapore’s and Europe’s leading cytopathology centres to introduce Cryoimmunostaining™ into routine cytology as a tool to efficiently analyse minimally invasive body fluids and fine-needle aspirates and enable near-instant diagnoses through digital on-screen analysis.

According to the German Association of Pathology (BDP), X-ZELL Cryoimmunostaining™ is eligible for instant reimbursement under the EBM and GOÄ systems (more information upon request).

  • \91% less time from sample to diagnosis
  • \700% per cent more data per sample
  • \37% less hands-on time per sample
  • \75% fewer touch points per sample¹


Less manual handling


Fewer touch points


Less sample preparation


In June 2023, X-ZELL entered into a strategic collaboration with MVZ Frankfurt, a leading medical service centre located at Northwest Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, to bring Cryoimmunostaining™ into routine clinical practice by 2024. Stage one will see MVZ Frankfurt use the technology in parallel with immunohisto-/ cytochemical staining. Stage two will then phase out the conventional system and establish X-ZELL as the laboratory’s new lead technology for the analysis of pleural effusion and ascites, with more sample types and to follow. More here.

¹ X-ZELL data. More information upon request
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