The patented X-ZELL Cryoimmunostaining™ Suite is a two-instrument slide staining system optimised for liquid samples such as bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), pleural effusion (PE), pre-treated whole blood samples and ascites, as well as fine-needle aspirates (FNA).

Designed to slot seamlessly into routine cytology, both instruments operate at sub-zero temperatures to protect sample integrity and use patented buffers and reagents developed by X-ZELL.

  • \No complex sample preparation processes such as cytoblocking
  • \Reducing avg. number of slides required per sample from 4 to 1
  • \Reducing avg. time from sample to diagnosis from more than 48h to less than 4h [1]


The X-ZELL Cryofixator™ is replacing conventional cell block preparation with non-toxic direct-to-slide fixation – saving more than 90 per cent of preparation time and conserving important secondary data such as cell morphology, DNA and RNA content.


The X-ZELL Cyrostainer™ is a slide-based immunofluorescence staining system accommodating up to seven fluorophore-conjugated antibodies and one nuclear counterstain on a single microscope slide – enabling custom panels that maximise data output while reducing antibody usage by more than 80 per cent¹.


The X-ZELL Hybrid Microscope is a proprietary workstation allowing you to evaluate multiple fluorescence channels side-by-side in any lab or office or office environment. Simply pre-select an area of interest through the ocular lenses or live on screen and digitise the section for a new on-screen viewing experience.

  • \ See all antibody expressions side-by-side in a split-screen, multichannel format
  • \Browse the slide section in real time and compare conspicuous cells live on screen
  • \Switch each channel on/off and combine as required


What if we took body fluid analyses to the next level? To answer that question, X-ZELL developed the patented hMX™ cell separation system, which gently removes leucocytes from whole blood to expose single atypical cells and ready them for downstream Cryoimmunostaining™. The hMX™ system is currently part of a revolutionary dual-centre trial in Singapore, where it will pave the way for a new age of affordable, widely accessible cancer diagnostics. More here.

Note: X-ZELL laboratory instruments have been validated for use in combination with official X-ZELL consumable and reagent kits. Third-party reagents and consumables have not been validated and may affect instrument performance. Unless specifically indicated, all X-ZELL products are designated as general laboratory equipment.

¹ X-ZELL data. More information upon request


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