X-ZELL enabling same-day diagnoses at German routine laboratory

Dr Achim Battmann, chief pathologist at MVZ Frankfurt, Germany

Budapest, October 2023 – New research has shown that X-ZELL Cryoimmunostaining™ is able to facilitate same-day cancer diagnoses from minimally invasive samples in routine clinical practice

PD Dr. med. Achim Battmann, MD, PhD, chief pathologist at MVZ Frankfurt, a medical service centre in central Germany, took the stage at the 44th European Congress of Cytology (ECC23) in Budapest today to present interim data from an ongoing 200-patient study comparing X-ZELL’s new technology with traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC).

As part of the study, which is being conducted in close collaboration with the central laboratory at Nordwest Hospital in Frankfurt, samples are split and processed using both X-ZELL and IHC, whereby X-ZELL samples undergo the company’s patented 8-channel multiplexing process, providing up to 700% more information per sample.

According to Dr Battmann, interim results from the first 50-patient cohort show a 90% reduction in time to diagnosis using X-ZELL over IHC while maintaining the same diagnostic accuracy.

“X-ZELL can provide actionable diagnostic information on the same day, compared to up to 48h using the conventional IHC method,” he commented. “It’s a truly innovative system that will save significant resources and free up capacity on conventional IHC equipment.”

The official abstract from Dr Battmann’s Budapest presentation is available online as part of the official congress publication.

Final results from the landmark study are expected to be published in mid-2024 at the 45th European Congress of Cytology (ECC24) in Leipzig, Germany.

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