X-ZELL launches Global Technology Trial

Leipzig, June 2024 –To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the European Congress of Cytology (ECC) in Leipzig, Germany, X-ZELL has launched the company’s inaugural Global Technology Trial.

X-ZELL Founder & CEO, Dr Sebastian Bhakdi, unveiled the new partnership program on Monday alongside Scientific Advisor, Dr Achim Battmann, who pioneered the adoption of X-ZELL’s Next-Generation Cytology technology in routine cytopathology.

“The X-ZELL Next-Generation Cytology platform is now listed with the US FDA and has the CE-mark for both IVDR and MDR,” Dr Bhakdi explained.

“To evaluate the system’s effectiveness in routine laboratory environments, we are now seeking ten visionary cytology experts to follow in Dr Battmann’s footsteps and trial it at no cost until the end of 2024.”

According to Dr Bhakdi, selected participants will enjoy full access to X-ZELL’s award-winning technology and scientific development team and have the opportunity to present their independent feedback at relevant international conferences in 2025.

X-ZELL Next-generation Cytology (NGC) is the first immunostaining solution specifically designed to streamline cytopathological analyses of serous fluid and fine-needle aspirates.

Challenging conventional immunohisto- and cytochemistry, it fuses X-ZELL’s powerful Cryoimmunostaining™ technology with a novel digital imaging solution to make cytopathology more efficient than ever before. 

“Next-Generation Cytology really is a powerful new tool to maximise diagnostic yield from cytological samples,” commented Dr Battmann, co-owner and chief pathologist at MVZ Frankfurt in central Germany.

“The system can accommodate up to eight fluorescent antibodies on the same microscope slide and help us turn around samples in less than 4 hours by omitting the traditional cell-blocking process. That way we extract much more detailed information per sample while benefitting from a significant efficiency advantage.”

Professionals interested in joining the Global Technology Trial program may contact X-ZELL at info@x-zell.com or see us on the X-ZELL booth at @Kongresshalle Leipzig between 24-26 June.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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X-ZELL is an award-winning medical technology company specialising in the detection and digitization of atypical cells from body liquids such as blood and pleural fluid. Atypical cells are the universal language of cancer diagnostics and commonly found in tissue or fluid samples that were surgically collected from the suspected site. By enabling cytology centres worldwide to detect atypical cells in non-invasive sample material and process them digitally at a new level of detail, we make highly accurate, non-invasive diagnostics accessible at scale.

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