X-ZELL officially incorporated in Singapore

Singapore, October 2018 – X-ZELL, only recently named one of Asia’s 20 most innovative health tech start-ups, is coming to Singapore.

According to X-ZELL CEO, Dr Sebastian Bhakdi, the rare cell detection specialist’s global head office is slated to move from Bangkok to Singapore during Q1’19 – allowing the up-and-coming enterprise to tap into the island state’s sprawling biotechnology scene and make full use of Singapore’s global connectedness.

“Singapore has firmly established itself as a global hub for diagnostics innovation and development,” Dr Bhakdi explained the move – revealing that the company’s local incorporation is already complete.

“Singapore is both a gateway to the rest of Asia, as well as a channel to access the international markets, so for us it’s only logical to open our global head office here. Our executive team is already preparing for the big move.”

According to X-ZELL, the decision to incorporate in Singapore will not affect the company’s existing operations in Bangkok, Thailand and Delaware, USA


Media Contact:
Sebastian Grote
Head of Marketing & Communications

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