X-ZELL Live Experience Tour wrapped

Singapore, November 2023 – X-ZELL’s first global conference tour has officially wrapped after the series’ final instalment at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Cytopathology (ASC) in Austin, Texas, USA.

Aimed at promoting X-ZELL’s Next Generation Cytology platform, the Live Experience Tour started off with the company’s first post-pandemic conference appearance at the 44th European Congress of Cytology (ECC23) in Budapest, Hungary, from 1-4 Oct.

The event not only saw the first-ever live demonstration of the new X-ZELL Hybrid Microscope, but also the release of independently validated performance data comparing X-ZELL with traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC).

Part of an ongoing 200-patient study in Germany, the new data set showed a striking 90% reduction in sample turnaround time using X-ZELL over IHC while maintaining the same diagnostic accuracy.

“There are several new collaborations in the works that just wait to be signed and put into action.”
Dr Sebastian Bhakdi, X-ZELL CEO

The underlying study is spearheaded by Dr Achim Battmann, chief pathologist at MVZ Frankfurt, who pioneered next-generation cytology in Germany as an alternative to IHC for minimally invasive lung cancer diagnostics, and is expected to conclude in early 2024.

In November, the Live Experience Tour travelled to Germany for the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Cytology (DGZ) in Halle, before ending at the annual ASC outing in Austin, USA.

According to X-ZELL Founder & CEO, Dr Sebastian Bhakdi, X-ZELL’s first international road show proved a watershed moment for the company, which has just made the leap from research to routine use.

“After years of development and extensive usability testing, we are finally ready to bring our technology into clinical routine practice, so the tour has been a milestone achievement for everyone at X-ZELL,” he said, noting that the response from routine practitioners had been overwhelmingly positive and inspired a number of collaboration discussion with leading laboratories in Europe and the US.

“It’s been an action-packed two months and we’re still buzzing with excitement over the positive feedback and high-quality discussions that took place on the X-ZELL booths in Budapest, Halle and Austin.

“Best of all, there are several new collaborations in the works now that just wait to be signed and put into action, so stay tuned for more in 2024!”


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Sebastian Grote
Managing Director X-ZELL Biotech Pte. Ltd.


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