X-ZELL Cryoimmunostaining™ coming to Europe

Singapore, November 2019 – Less than a year after premiering at Singapore’s MEDLAB Asia exhibition, X-ZELL’s Cryoimmunostaining™ Suite is now available in Europe (for Research Use Only).

Originally designed to enable X-ZELL’s headline-making research into next-generation biomarkers, the world’s first 9-colour immunostaining system will be launched in a series of product demonstrations held by X-ZELL Founder & CEO, Dr Sebastian Bhakdi, across the continent.

The first demo tour will take place from 11-15 November and introduce X-ZELL’s Cryoimmunostaining™ technology to scientists in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. 

Comprised of two high-performance devices, the Cryofixator™ and the Cryostainer™, the patented system allows researchers to apply up to nine biomarkers at a time to cells fixated on standard laboratory slides – making it one of the most powerful cytology tools in the world.

“We have had tremendous success using our Cryoimmunostaining™ technology as part of our own research over the past two years,” said Dr Bhakdi – explaining the system can be applied in any routine pathology laboratory around the world without affecting crucial variables such as cell morphology or DNA/ RNA content (more information here).

Common side effects such as non-specific binding, auto fluorescence and cross-talk have also been eliminated – and according to Dr Bhadki, “all without time-consuming and costly downstream image processing.

He added, “Nine-colour immunostaining has not only enabled us to detect a new type of circulating cell that had previously been considered undetectable in clinical routine, but also allowed us to develop liquid biopsies that can reliable detect clinically significant prostate cancer at the earliest stages.

“We believe now is the time to make next-generation single-cell immunofluorescence cytology accessible to researchers worldwide.”

Designed & manufactured in Singapore, the X-ZELL Cryoimmunostaining™ Suite will initially be available for Research Use Only. It will be presented as part of a series of closed-door demo tours that will see X-ZELL’s scientific leadership team share the breakthrough technology with some of the most accomplished scientists on the continent.

Researchers interested in trialling the system – as well as learning about X-ZELL’s complete early cancer detection workflow – are encouraged to reach out directly to X-ZELL Founder & CEO, Dr Sebastian Bahdki, via email.


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