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We avoid unnecessary and painful biopsies.


Tissue biopsies provide the basis for thousands of treatment decisions at the bedside every day. Yet, in over 50% of cases patients turn out not to have cancer. The biopsy was unnecessary. Healthy individuals suffer through pain, risk significant complications and incur a very high cost.


Cancer sheds at least three different types of tumor cells into the blood circulation1,2. XZELL developed and patented the only blood test to detect all types of circulating tumor cells3,4,5,6. Presence of cells indicates cancer, while absence of cells rules out cancer with nearly 100% accuracy.


Patients with suspected prostate cancer in Thailand, Singapore and other ASEAN countries can now avoid unnecessary tissue biopsies by taking our standard blood test, as proven in our series of clinical studies including nearly 250 patients and healthy controls.

Our Approach

Finding the needle in the haystack

To remove all healthy blood cells and expose cancer cells

One cancer cell is hiding between 5 billion blood cells. Our patents cover technologies to remove 99.999998% of all healthy cells, while preserving 8 out of 10 cancer cells. Cell analysis is performed under the microscope. Results are reported by board-certified medical specialists.

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